Christmas Blog 2023

The festive season is here, and Aquila is certainly enjoying the celebrations. Our front entrance sculpture, fondly nicknamed ‘Lady Keypad of Aquila’, is in the Christmas spirit. I crocheted a cute little Christmas hat for her last week, and Jason helped by making the white pom-pom. It’s a joy to see her all dressed up for the holidays! We hope she makes our guests smile even more than usual when they arrive at Aquila for the first time.


I have been busy preparing the Aquila gardens for the arrival of many guests after Christmas and for the summer. Over the last few days, I have been deadheading many of the spring flowers that are finishing. Among all the gardens, Eco-pod Kangaroo Paw’s Garden is my favourite during spring. The row of Kangaroo Paws lining the parking area is in full bloom, creating a magnificent pop of Australian native colour.


The Prickly Box trees scattered across Aquila are adorned with masses of beautiful white flowers that attract the Aquila bees. There is a large Prickly Box tree next to the hammock on the deck of the Eco-pod Kangaroo Paw.


While I was dead-heading in the garden, I heard the bees actively working and producing their delicious prickly box honey. The Prickly Box was, quite literally, buzzing! It made me reflect on how well-suited they are to Aquila’s sustainable living ethos. It’s wonderful to think that the busy Aquila bees are producing the honey that is used in the delicious Billie and Brie grazing boxes that guests can order. Guests can enjoy these boxes right where the honey included in them comes from! It’s like a fabulous rotating circle of sustainability goodness – how very Aquila!